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I found this review of my novel (posted a week or so ago) over at Booktrailers4kidsandYA, which is a nice site dedicated to reviewing books for kids and teens (as the name of the blog suggests!)

It is a great review with very positive things to say about the story, with special mention of the pacing, mystery and illustrations. I particularly like this final paragraph:

"The characters are believable, and likeable. Short chapters, along with a few dark and foreboding illustrations, will appeal to middle grade readers, and up. Friendship, conflict, the surrounding environment of wilderness, and rivers, and a growing sense of the unreal, all work together to make this a good read. I thoroughly enjoyed it and all its intrigue."

I am particularly happy with the mention of the "growing sense of the unreal". Hits the nail on the head, not only of my story with its escalating mystery and strangeness, but encapsulates a lot of what I am all about as a writer.

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Here is another positive review of my new novel, over at the nzbooklovers website.

Nice to hear that they really appreciated the setting of the story, and the descriptions of the Coromandel area. The reviewer praises the pacing and 'twisty-turning' narrative and also emphasises the lack of 'cringe factor' - so that's a plus!

Thanks nzbooklovers for taking the time to review my book.

My new YA novel has received a lovely review from, where the reviewer seemed to enjoy the eerie nature of the things going on in the story, and had very positive comments as well about my illustrations.

Here is the link to view the full review...

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