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My new YA novel has received a lovely review from, where the reviewer seemed to enjoy the eerie nature of the things going on in the story, and had very positive comments as well about my illustrations.

Here is the link to view the full review...

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I am proud to announce that my first novel - 'The Singing Stone', is coming out on March 6th, from Bateman Books in NZ.

It is a YA novel, about a 14 year old named Miles who has moved to the Coromandel with his family, and finds a strange red stone. Then some very weird things begin to happen.

It is a supernatural coming-of-age story about coming in contact with something unknown - perhaps unknowable. It is also about transformations, within and without.

The book features spooky black and white illustrations created by myself, and can now be pre-ordered from Mighty Ape, The Nile or Fishpond and will be available at all good booksellers.

Here is a link to an early review of the book from the NZ Herald (Bay of Plenty Times).

In the coming weeks I will be posting more about the book, and will be putting up some of the illustrations from the book as well. Also there is more info and posts about the book on my instagram - @garyvennillustrations.

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There will be some very exciting things happening in the new year - more about that soon... (yes I know how vague that sounds - can't be helped but not long to wait now!). Apart from that I have recently finished a first draft of both a new short story and a much longer thing, about which I can't say much but I am fairly happy with them both, at least in their ragged first draft state. Lots of work to be done.

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